Riga Stratcom Dialogue 2019


About the Dialogue

Over the past decade, strategic communications experts have concentrated on monitoring and analysing the information environment, human behaviour, and activities of adversaries on the ground and in the digital arena. We are constantly trying to keep up with changing dynamics and the potential weaponisation of communication flows by hostile actors. However, there is a risk of becoming overly reactive; of focusing on the past, rather than imagining and pre-empting future challenges. It is high time to scrutinise our own modes of communicating in the face of these challenges. In a dynamic and evolving information environment, have we been too timid in embracing fresh and creative thinking? This year, we ask how we can update strategic communications for the 21st century. Not fearing the future but making ample use of the opportunities it might offer.  Be part of the conversation and join us at this year’s Riga StratCom Dialogue.

Each year, the strategic communications community comes together in Riga, to learn from colleagues’ experience and explore the newest findings in disinformation research, digital behaviour, hostile influence activities, and effective responses to these challenges.

Since the establishment of the NATO StratCom COE in Riga, Latvia, the centre has become a knowledge hub and meeting place for specialists studying the role strategic communication can play in the ‘Information age’.

Last year’s conference gathered more than 700 strategic communications experts from 42 countries around the world. This year, we not only want to talk and explore, but provide an arena for networking and learning. Besides being an opportunity to meet the brightest minds in the field of strategic communication, our conference will also provide expert-oriented workshops dedicated to digital forensics, information environment assessment, and future-proofing of communication efforts.