Dr Sharon Adetutu Omotoso

Dr Sharon Adetutu Omotoso

Research Fellow, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan

Dr Sharon Adetutu Omotoso is currently with the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, where she heads the Institute’s Women’s Research and Documentation Centre (WORDOC) which was created more than 30 years ago. She also serves as a member of the Institute’s Scientific Committee. Dr Omotoso is also Director at the Center for Applied Ethics and Political Communication in Africa (CAEPOCOM AFRICA), an alumnus of the COADY Institute, St. Francis Xavier University Canada, a Chartered Mediator & Conciliator, and a recipient of the prestigious CODESRIA Meaning-Making Research Competition 2018-2019. Previously Sharon worked as Acting Head of Department, Politics & International Relations, Lead City University, Ibadan.

Sharon has taught undergraduate- and graduate-level courses including: Ethical Issues in Gender Studies, Philosophies of Feminism, Media Policy in Africa, Identity and Gender in Performance, Culture and Media, Feminist Political Communication, African Feminist Ethics, Women and Peace building in Africa.

Dr Omotoso regularly speaks at academic events and has been published widely on a variety of topics, from Applied Ethics, Media & Gender studies and Political Communications, to Philosophy of Education, Socio-Political Philosophy, and African Philosophy. As a public speaker, she delivers motivational seminars, keynote speeches, and workshops on topics related to media education, public ethics, political communication, and gender issues. She features on Radio and TV public education programs across Nigeria and she is producer of an indigenous radio education program on women in politics and development.

Sharon Omotoso is facilitator of WORDOC’s Monthly Seminar, editor of WORDOC’s bi-annual newsletter, co-editor of Gender based violence in Nigeria and beyond, (Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan, 2016) and Political Communication in Africa (Springer Publisher, 2017). She was a contributing author on media, gender and politics to the Palgrave Handbook of African Colonial and Postcolonial History (2018), The Palgrave Handbook of African Politics, Governance and Development (2018), Gendering Knowledge in Africa and the African Diaspora (Routledge, 2017), and Section Editor of Palgrave Handbook of African Women’s Studies (Forthcoming).



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