Mr Michael Anti

Mr Michael Anti

CEO, Caixin Globus, Chinese Globalization Report & Analysis

Michael Anti is a veteran journalist and political analyst in China. Now he works for Caixin Media as CEO of Globus, tracing China’s globalization. In 2011 he won the M100 Sanssouci Media Award.

Previously, Mr Anti was a Chinese war reporter in Baghdad in March 2003 and then worked with the New York Times for 4 years. He also received the Wolfson Press Fellowship at Cambridge University (2007), and the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University (2008). He is well known for his research on censorship and innovation, based on which he gave a TEDGlobal speech in 2012.

Looking outside the bubble – the global view (Livestream)

Main Stage

What can we gain from taking a look beyond our own borders and learning from the experience of others? This session widens the debate beyond the Euro-Atlantic region to understand how available and emerging technologies affect social processes across the globe. As societies worldwide struggle in the face of seismic shifts brought on by new […]