Mr Uldis Cernevskis

Mr Uldis Cernevskis

LTE/5G project leader, MikroTik


Uldis has been working at MikroTik for 18 years. He is an expert in all product categories, especially cellular modems and LTE development.

He holds a master’s degree in Management of Information Systems. Uldis has participated as a speaker at IT Networking conferences around the world in countries like the USA, Mexico, Argentina, India, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, France and others.

5G misinformation: what you should know about the new network (Livestream)

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Too often, technological innovation is met with fear by the general population. This fear can be exacerbated by misinformation, which in turn is amplified by a plethora of anti-technology movements. The development of fifth generation (5G) wireless networks stands out as a clear example of this mechanism. 5G is convenient, but critics are concerned about […]