Dr Gabriele Rizzo

Dr Gabriele Rizzo

Lead Scientist, Strategic Innovation & Principal Futurist, Leonardo


Professor Gabriele Rizzo is a visionary futurist and an enthusiastic innovator. He is currently Lead Scientist in Strategic Innovation and Principal Futurist for Leonardo, one of the top 10 aerospace, defense & security companies globally. He is also a professional futurist advisor to EDA and both NATO Strategic Commands, Member at Large for Strategic Foresight and Futures Studies, and NATO expert for Cyberspace and Cyber Defense.

Professor Rizzo has been a key thinker and lead author of strategic visions and long-term thinking for the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Europe and NATO, as well as large industries, and international organizations. He is author of more than 40 publications. Decision-makers resort to him as a strategist and trusted advisor, with award-winning international expertise and hard skills, substantial industrial experience, and foresight thought leadership.

Gabriele has been active in the field of information security, information assurance and cybersecurity since the 1990s. He has participated in the Industrial Committee for Cyber PPP SRIA and currently performs chair activities in NATO, ECSO, ECSEL JU, and 5G-PPP. He is also a member of the US DOD Cyber Group, NATO Transatlantic Industry Interface Group, EDA CapTechs, and Italian AIAD RITEC high-level group.

Professor Rizzo serves as Professor of Strategy at the Sapienza University of Rome. He holds an MSc in Theoretical Physics and a Ph.D. in Physics – String Theory and Astrophysics. He held multiple positions over more than ten years in Engineering staff and research at Leonardo, building experience in optronics, avionics, radar and advanced targeting, advanced optics, military research, and planning technology roadmapping for strategy and innovation at top decision makers’ level.


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