Ms Nora Biteniece

Ms Nora Biteniece

Software Engineer, NATO StratCom COE


Ms Nora Biteniece is a Software Engineer at the Technical and Scientific Development Branch of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Riga, Latvia. Nora has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Neuroscience from Keele University (UK). She is currently supporting NATO StratCom COE project on countering the malicious use of social media and managing a project on the use of geo-targeting in information and manipulation activities.

Weaponised information: what does the future hold?

Conference room C

In this sub-panel we present some of NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence research products: Black Market of Social Media, red-team experiment during military exercise and Robotrolling. Together these products raise questions about the ease and speed with which manipulation online create tangible security threats. Ongoing hostile influence campaigns in Europe and United States have […]