Prof Jarno Limnéll

Prof Jarno Limnéll

Professor, Aalto University


Jarno Limnéll is Professor of Cyber Security at Aalto University, Finland, and an Adjunct Professor at three other universities. Prof Limnéll is the Chief Executive Officer at Tosibox Oy. By education he is a Doctor of Military Science, Master of Political Science and Officer. He has been working with security issues for more than 20 years, and he has written numerous books and scientific papers. Jarno Limnéll is a well-known expert and a sought-after speaker both in Finland and internationally. He is particularly talented in explaining even complicated matters in a simple and understandable way.

Macro-effects of microtargeting: the ethics of our attention economy

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With the advertising industry fuelling platforms and services online, the way people consume information has changed fundamentally. Information we intentionally seek out is only part of our daily information diet. News items, products, entertainment, and opinions we are “fed” today are increasingly selected and calibrated according to our personal preferences and what we are likely […]